A little bling for the babe…

My lover was lusting over this Etagere…imagining it occupying a particular corner in The Old Vic…and I couldn’t leave it at that. Lusting after another…even if it was a bit wooden…and old…could just make me jealous…

I pondered getting it for her for Christmas…yep, that’s coming up…but I have this rule…NO CHRISTMAS BEFORE HALLOWEEN! I figure I’ll be ready for Christmas…about a week after Christmas. That’s considerably better than most years.

She’s been looking at it for a while…told me about it a couple times…and showed it to me last weekend at Gateway Antiques Mall in Clarksville. Decent price for such a nice piece…possibly it wouldn’t last till the Christmas season.

So, yanno…I just bought it for her. It will look good here…once we get some more decorating going on.

Those more dainty than me tell me this is an Etagere.

Those more dainty than me tell me this is an Etagere.

Unsure of the age. It’s delicately yet finely built with old techniques…and has wavy glass…but that just says “old”…not how old.

Doesn’t really matter though. That’s one of the beauties of owning a Queen Anne Victorian. They were rather famous for widely varying styles throughout the home…as long as it was “interesting.” Suits us well.

Etagere, hutch, or shelf...it's a very nice piece.

Etagere, hutch, or shelf…it’s a very nice piece.

Of course, being a guy…my actions may not have been completely benevolent…as I bought myself a present as well.

Oh…and I sort of figure I’m getting laid tonight…

“Gee lady, what do you want to do tonight?”
“Same thing we do every night hubby…try to take over the world!”
“Wait, what? I left my ‘take over the world’ jacket at work.”
“Oh well, the OTHER thing we do every night!”
“NOW your talking!”

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