porchcrackOne day, I’ll have to jackhammer this entire porch out and put in a proper one…it was not correctly backfilled and there’s no rebar/mesh in it…this corner chunk blew out some years ago, but had been getting worse. I can’t seem to find a picture of when I got started…I seem to be bad about that…once I’m ready to work on something I just get going.

The concrete corner of the wall had broken out and was leaning out at about a 45 degree angle. We dug out the fill behind it, and bashed it back into place using…nothing less…than a pickup truck…

Yes…I actually had a project that called for me to ram my house with a pickup truck.

Gotta love old houses…

Deliberately ramming your house repeatedly with your pickup usually gives your neighbors some cause for alarm…but that got it back into place. I then ran some “J” bolts in the cracks, hooked the (as yet) unbroken part, and bolted them down to hopefully keep it from shifting anytime soon. Mortared it up this morning, working it well into the crack.

Maybe that’ll “learn” it…

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