Replaced all these fried parts:

In here:

And our mini-split heat pump is back online. WooHoooo!

We are dead certain we got spiked again…so in addition to this I installed a whole house surge protector at the main panel, as well as individual ones at the expensive appliances. Not gonna do this again if we can help it.

Is it worth the trouble?

The short answer is yes.

New technology…new paradigm.

It’s a difficult thing for me to accept…that I can heat the house cheaper with a high-efficiency heat pump than I can with direct natural gas.

Economics is part of it…NG is WAY overpriced for the end-consumer market. But the technology is part of it too. This system uses 1/3 the energy to cool as a comparable AC unit that’s not the high-efficiency heat pump, and less than 10% the energy required to heat via resistance heat. The cost to heat with it vs natural gas is impressive too…it costs 1/3 the amount. Real numbers.

Even with that repair, AND factoring in the cost of adding whole house surge protection and additional protection on the sub-panels AND the expensive appliances…this unit will pay for itself in cost savings inside of 18 months.

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