Yep, good choice.

Y’all may recall here that we installed a tankless gas water heater in the Old Vic.

Advantages were no closet required, no stack needed, unlimited hot water, and economical.

It was a good choice.

We had a household full of folks over the Thanksgiving holiday. TEN for lunch Thursday. Twelve for dinner. Folks sleeping in nooks and crannies. Baths (huge ball and claw Victorian tub). Showers. Big breakfasts. More lunches.

I can’t even begin to figure out how to count how many dishes we washed.

Endless hot water. Flawless performance.

Did I mention the endless hot water?

Nice to have a decision validated.

Oh, another lesson learned…I am putting the biggest, deepest, 3 bin sink I can fit in a counter when we get to redoing the kitchen.

And…Happy Thanksgiving!

Did I mention the endless hot water?

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