Ordered another tool…

Well, after spending several weekends of rooftop acrobatics getting this dormer ready for paint…lots of scraping, manufacturing new and repairing some fishscales, reattaching many of the rest, repairing the trim, and rebuilding the sills, I finally got to the point where it was time to paint.

Ready to prime.

Ready to prime.

Well, prime, actually. I’m slapping on a coat of Sherwin Williams Oil based exterior primer first.

Next, I’ll need to caulk and fill any divots or nail holes with wood filler, and THEN I need to decide if it needs another coat of primer.

This stuff is thirsty! It’s also a royal pain to paint…with a brush. Ladder acrobatics, crevasses, thirsty wood, and multiple edges make paint brush work on this thing an absolute nightmare.

This experience will be repeated on other parts of the house…when viewed from a paint-by-brush perspective, this house grows to even more massive proportions!

Over an hour with a brush, and I only had about a quarter of this done. (I didn’t take a pic of the partially primed). Worse yet, I wasn’t happy with the coverage.

What does this mean for your hapless homeowner and dedicated do-it-myself-er?

Well, it means I get to buy another tool of course!

Muhahahahahahahahaha! <--maniacal laughter Ur...um...snif. (best innocent/straight face) Tools are a necessity, not toys. (/straight face) So, I ordered an airless rig. Specifically, The Wagner Paint Crew Plus. [caption id="attachment_1455" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The Wagner Paint Crew Plus"]The Wagner Paint Crew Plus[/caption]

The Wagner 0515010T Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer. I bought a reconditioned one for $125 or so. From the reviews it seemed stout enough to do the work I need on this house without getting into professional pricing.

For the cost of about 4 gallons of paint I figured I couldn’t lose.

edit: I lost. It worked fantastically for the first couple of uses, then, despite meticulous cleaning per the directions, the regulator failed. It is not user replaceable and estimates from the “authorized Wagner repair center” for repair were far in excess of the purchase price. I purchased a professional grade airless rig…with this house and the purchase of the historic building on the square…we’re going to need it.

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