Scaling scales…

Just a quick update…

Spent a lot of time on the roof today…in the 30-40 mph north winds, stripping paint off the fishscales.

Some of it was practically stripping itself.

Loose paint.

Loose paint.

Finished….this is a couple hours work…in biting cold, heavy wind. Brrrr.



Also, the first set of sashes is primed (second coat) and ready for some sanding, then perhaps, a final coat.

I also got the sills their first coat of primer, but I didn’t take a picture. All thoughts had by then scattered to the winds like so many paint chips. I was shaking from the cold by the time I got off the roof and put the boards back in the windows.

Next week, prime the entire dormer! Finish the first set of sashes! Woohoo!

I’ve been working on this dormer, the sills, and two of the six sashes for over 5 weeks now (on and off and weather permitting…I HAVE gotten other things done as well).

I’ll sure be glad to get this thing put back together and painted…

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