Down the Rabbit Hole

Alternate title: THIS IS SPARTA!

Serious Door install is requiring an entire new sill. A rather massive beam that runs the portion of the width of the mudroom that extends past the house proper.

As I’ve mentioned in the past…when I tackle something it’s not a matter of “if” it gets done…it’s simply a question of how big a mess I’ve got to make.

This would be considered a “medium sized mess”.

You’ll note the Dewalt Sawzall…named “Destructor of Worlds”…on the floor…I’ve stated on occasion that I could take the entire town apart with that, a Stanley wonder-bar, and an 8 pound sledge. I’m unclear on why folks think I’m kidding.

Slight modification needed...

Slight modification needed…

Not seen in this pic….had to “install” 10 or so concrete blocks underneath to hold up the interior floor beams before I cut the sill out. Also installed a new pier at the corner of the house proper as the sill did not have proper support there. That’s 8 blocks and two pads and 3 bags of concrete.

More repair...

More repair…

This is, of course, a classic situation on Old House ™ projects. You just never know how far down the rabbit hole you’re going to have to go…until you get there….

I believe I may have stepped on Alice’s head.

I’m currently waiting for a lumber delivery…sipping coffee and browsing the ‘net out on the deck in this gorgeous morning weather (62ish degrees?).

Life is good.

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