Door repair on the square…part the deuce.

Working on the Cupola building this weekend. Doors. Again.

Glass reset. Rot repaired. Frame screwed back together. Stripped. Primered. Painted. Can’t seem to find a good “before” picture…(one will turn up)…everything was the pinkish color and hadn’t been painted in a couple decades. All peeling etc, down to bare wood in lots of places. Ugly. Tough job…a lot of work…that door is heavy…it’s 8 feet tall…and that’s 1/4″ laminated glass…but it’s done.

Not a fan of the pinkish…they call it “faux sunset” or some bs like that. I call it “labia minora”…but it’s one of 4 colors the historic society and main-street committee selected for my building decades ago and I can live with it…

I have the light blue, darker blue, “labia minora”, and a sort of aqua green/blue. With the right combination and contrasting trims etc that will work.

it and the light blue are actually VERY pastel and not at all what would have been applied to the building in it’s age…they went “bold” back then.

Anyway, looking better.

Oh, and a smaller side door…same treatment. Hours of work. Still dammed heavy!

Oh, and I cheated on the stoops. They are “Dover Grey”…from a quart can of 30 year old oil-based paint that I found (along with about 100 of it’s buddies) in a hidden “nook” in the building. Mix it well and it still paints just fine!

That door is 8' tall!

That door is 8′ tall!

Smaller, but still damn heavy.

Smaller, but still damn heavy.

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