The rain on the inside.

Very heavy and steady rain this morning. A reality about an Old Vic, with it’s many roof lines and valleys and a problematic roof (various ages of the different exposures) is that it leaks. It doesn’t *always* leak, and it doesn’t leak much, and it doesn’t leak in the same place every time, but it does on occasion leak.

The cats *hate* this. If a drip starts in the house somewhere, they start tearing around the place chasing I-don’t-know-whats and do-ma-bobbies. The big orange one always manages to get IN the drip and get wet, and then comes and “talks” to me about it. Back and forth he goes. He obviously expects me to do something about the water dripping in the bucket.

One day I’ll spend a dozen thousand dollars or so on a completely new roof, and I’m sure it will just change the location of the occasional leak.

Fortunately I’ll have the cats to enthusiastically point them out to me…

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