Trimming the Hedge…

My Mom and step-dad Mike just bought a 1920’s farm house. It hasn’t been lived in for so long that there were 35 foot/more trees growing out of the bush-beds and damaging and growing around the eaves of the house.

Heck of a hedge. Mike and I did some trimming this weekend. Mimosa and Hackberry, poison ivy and black-walnut…some removed, some trimmed back.

The West Side

The west side before trimming

The west side after trimming

Another view of the west side after trimming

The East Side

The East side before trimming

The east side after trimming

The back

The back before trimming

The back after trimming

The Front

The front, just so you can see it...

With temps over 100 degrees, we didn’t last very long…knocking off early both Saturday and Sunday, but we did get a fair amount done! We moved several thousand pounds of branches and stuff.

More later! The interior cleanup has been just as dramatic!

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