Stop it…

“Can I help you sir?”

I swept into the store with a flourish, “PARTS! I REQUIRE PARTS FOR MY FARGLE-SNORKER!”

God bless the NAPA Auto/Truck parts guys…they don’t even flinch when they see me coming anymore. I use them often, and usually for something weird.

The guy was instantly ready on his computer. “And what kind of Fargle-Snorker would that be sir?”

“A left-handed one of course.”

Ah yes, down to business. The Left-handed Fargle-snorker, as regular readers may know, is my creaky 30 year old toy bucket-truck, used when I really want to play hard reach high places or show off my tools to other rutting males to cow them in order to attempt to impress the female of the species, who will, of course, notice nothing.

Now, since it weighs 17,000 pounds or so (yeah, I have a big tool!), and has an engine and transmission to get it moving, it really needs working equipment on it to get it stopped when I reach wherever it is I need to be elevated to. It’s hard to work on something if you can’t even stop for a moment to get the lay of the land. The equipment needed? Namely brakes. Hence the title to this post, which is a quote from me as I backed the thing out of the yard the other day and discovered the problem.

“Ooooo…” on the sharp intake of breath, “Stop it stop it stop it!” The quote was, of course, delivered with all the calmness and smooth verbal inflection of a cheerleader on helium, but I digress.

Again, regular readers may recall this incident where I found the need to do some brake work about a year ago this month…

Well, same deal, other side. The front driver’s side wheel cylinder (brake parts) is leaking fluid. There are two of them, different from each other AND different from the passenger’s side.

The NAPA guys rock by the way. Parts will be here Wednesday.

My favorite picture of this tool in action.

Boom goes up...boom goes down!

The Left-handed Fargle-snorker in action.

The Left-handed Fargle-snorker in action.

I’ll let you know where the “The law of conservation of mechanical maladies” strikes next…once I fix the brakes of course, a problem simply must develop elsewhere.

I suspect the lawn mower…since the grass is visibly growing as I watch it…

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