More tower work…

Continued from last week…This Sunday we finished the bottom section…that’s the hardest one as there was quite a bit of repair to do underneath the siding…and because of the height and pattern nearly every shingle in that section has some sort of cut to it.

My good friend Larry helped immensely as my “saw man”…we set up the saws on the second floor and he could make all the cuts I needed…and as mentioned above…LOTS of cuts in that section.

The bottom with new siding.

The bottom with new siding.

The bottom with new siding.

The bottom with new siding.

There was a large bolt/wire hanger through the center of the bottom section…it no longer had any wires attached and any future wires I would not attach to the tower anyway…so I took it out. Everything was so seized up I had to grind the nut off (split it) and whack it off with a hammer before we could remove the big bolt and bracket.

The tower looks SO much better without gaping holes in it!

On to the top section next time!

Oh…and as usual…it’s not really “done”. There are a couple pieces of trim to install just below the sills…I just haven’t purchased them yet.

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