Glutton. For. Punishment.

(deep breath)
A project that’s related to the Old Vic project that’s not quite on topic but since it’s a project and I tinker on it and this one will definitely be related to the other one…

There’s a tower ya see. (shrugs) What was I supposed to do?

So, ya’ll (technical Texas term) may know I own a house with a tower on it…since you’re here I expect you read a little about it.

A pic (because I can muhahahahaha):

The Old Vic

The Old Vic

A circa 1903(ish) Queen Anne Victorian. We’ve had it a year this December 1. Lots ‘O things going on. New electric. New plumbing (started). Rebuilding an old second kitchen that was an old screened-in-porch that was an old step-off-porch into a new utility room. One of 47 windows rebuilt.

Heat. Air.

It’s going…maybe a little slower than I hoped, but it’s progressing nicely.

Now…to the title of this post…

Apparently…I am a glutton for punishment.

Hmmm. Make that Glutton. For. Punishment.

We just put a contract on a 1880(ish) commercial building right on the historic square. With any luck we’ll be closing on it about Dec 1 this year.

It has a tower, ya see. How could I resist?

Old house. Tower. Needs a little work.

Building. Tower. Needs a little work.

Seemed to make sense at the time…

I may have a skewed definition of the phrase “little work”.

Lots more work to do now. We have big plans for this place.

A pic (or couple):

New Project

New Project

New Project

New Project

More after we close the sale!

Daniel Meyer (got the evil lair/well on my way to world domination)

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