Our first casualty on this project…my Skil Saw. An actual Skil brand Skil saw even.

Dead. Spectacularly dead in point of fact.

And at the tender age of only…(divides by pi, carries the two)…wait, what? Really?

I’ve had that Skil saw 20 years! Just how did that happen? Used to be I just plain wasn’t busy if I didn’t burn out at least a saw and a drill every year. You see, I was one of those that rejoiced…REJOICED I say…when carbide blades came out.

Hmmmm…too much work (at my real job) and not enough play (projects) I guess.

I must make it my goal to burn out more saws.

Anyway, it died…wasn’t even using it particularly hard…but it appears the bearings blew on the blade side, and then the motor armature crashed into the rest of the insides.

Blue flames shooting out of the vent side of the saw was the first clue it was dying.

I moved my leg out of the way of the burning plasma stream (don’t cross the streams!) and finished my cut. We needed that cut to finish what we were working on.

The saw smoked for half an hour after I unplugged it. It is well and truly dead.

Fortunately…I have another hanging out in the garage of the tract home. A good one yet.

(rubs hands together)

Poor thing. It knows not what it’s in for…

Daniel Meyer

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