Suburban Blah Roof…

Y’all may recall I accidentally (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) challenged Thor to a duel LAST spring…and he promptly went smite-happy and got a lot of it all over my stuff.

A refresher on that mess here

It’s been a slow process to even get stuff STARTED on the fixing…but today was “new roof for the Suburban Blah House Day”.

Things are never that easy though…

There are some things a man just shouldn’t have to see…and broad daylight and blue skies in his attic is one of those things.

There are some things a man shouldn’t have to see…

It turns out…the original decking on my 80’s Suburban Blah House…doesn’t meet building code.

Too thin for ‘the code’

So…we’re changing it. Sigh

Must have had a sale on too-thin plywood ‘back in the day’

Un-decking the deck…so we can re-deck the deck…with decking….deck.

As usual…there will be insurance arguments…and my wallet will probably explode…and THEN we can talk about the destroyed siding and broken windows…

Ahhh. The joys of home ownership.


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