Finally…roofage is imminent!

Okay…12 weeks in…12 weeks of gorgeous, dry, beautiful weather…and I *finally* have a contract to replace the roof on the Old Vic. A premium, Victorian-style lifetime shingle (GAF Sienna), complete redecking with tech shield radiant barrier decking, some structural and fascia repair, and addressing the (currently non-existent) attic ventilation.

GAF Sienna Shingle (Harbor Mist color)

GAF Sienna Shingle (Harbor Mist color)

Should be an interesting project…looks like it should start Thanksgiving week…so of course it’s been raining for the last two days.

My poor floors…

Here’s a pic of a Victorian with the shingle we chose…and of “similar” color scheme to what we have planned. Not 100% sure on the paint colors…we are still experimenting…but something like this.

GAF Sienna on a Victorian

GAF Sienna on a Victorian

This is a major project…stripping off up to 4 layers of shingles in some places, removing decking that was installed (perhaps in the 90’s) on a portion of the roof, removing the lath (stripping clean to the rafters!), structural repair over the sunroom, all new decking, double valleys, ridge-row ventilation, removal/repair/replacement of the roof ornaments, adding soffit ventilation, and of course…the minor detail of 60ish squares of shingles.

…and I get to supervise. Should be a novel experience!

I’ll spend some time this weekend getting some good “before” pictures…

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