So sore…

Lots of work this weekend…lugged 1000 pounds of stuff up the stairs…then most of that up to the roof…then spread goop and cloth and more goop. We also had to cut out and replace a couple rotted places on the deck. Not technically difficult, but really slows things down.

Got about 40% done…maybe less with some of the trim work and such…but 40% of the most difficult part…

And we got a rain test Monday…the part we covered was also the worst of my roof issues and was successful.

More as I have good weather days!

Muchas thanks to Mike and Tyler…I could not have done this alone.

Roof work in progress

Rain test on the part we have done…(to the left). Still more to do!

Now, I need about another 1000 pounds of stuff…and some more help to get the rest of the cloth down…once that is done I can touch up the rest of this in smaller “efforts”. There is still edge work to do along that wall to the left (north wall), and some leveling/fairing work in ponding areas…there’s only two significant ones…and some other miscellaneous work…but man…what a relief to eliminate the major issues!

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