Mortal Combat!

Blew the transmission in my lawn-mower last week. Sigh. A riding mower is important as, yes, I’m capable of push-mowing the entire lot, but that wouldn’t leave any time in the day for anything constructive.

The upper bearing on the power-shaft blew, allowing the pulley to vibrate so much it threw the belt.

Had to pull the ass-end completely off the mower and root around in its nether regions. Yes, a dirty job.

Pulled the tranny apart, beat the bad bearing remains out, pressed a new one in, and re-lubed everything. We will give her a good test tomorrow.

It was a simply amazing amount of work…every part wanted to fight.

Guess this machine simply hasn’t realized yet. I win, or I win. It should just cooperate. If I can’t fix it, I’ll take it apart into itty-bitty pieces and bury it alive…or maybe break out the 12-gauge and the breecher rounds.

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