Looking back over the last couple weeks, it occurs to me just how blessed I am.

My Dad just celebrated his 80th birthday. It is therefore, somewhat humbling and downright impressive that he can work circles around me.

When my best laid plumbing plans devolved into the fact that we were going to have to do a LOT more work than expected (as all plumbing plans do), Dad just kept right on working.

We needed a ditch, he grabbed a shovel and started making one.

Yep, he’s a “do-er”. Many people in the world aren’t, yet he is…and STILL is, even at 80. It’s where I get some of what drives me, methinks.

Dad, digging a ditch

Limber ol' cuss

My Dad, digging a ditch

Digging in the new water line.

My 80 year old Dad, working under the sink

Dad, working under the sink

Anyway, my Dad, at 80 years of age, climbing around under my house working on my plumbing and helping me dig a ditch…(really, he dug the ditch and I helped).

How many 80 year olds are that capable?

My Dad is. And I am blessed to have the chance to work beside him.

Just thought it needed saying.

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