And *only* 44 more to go…

Yesterday, after having it out for an embarrassingly long time, I put it back in.

Glue, clamps, sandpaper.
5 rounds of Linseed oil/Turpentine mix.
1 coat oil based primer.
2 new sheets glass (both were broken)
14 glazing points.
1/2 pound of glazing putty.
3 coats oil based paint.
20 feet of sash cord
20 feet of bronze weather stripping
1 billion little tiny copper nails.

Behold! The double hung window is back in the mud-room!

The wife’s comment?
“They’re not all going to take that long, are they?”


To be fair to her…it really was out for a very long time. I had to worry about the upcoming cold season when I took it out…and not THIS upcoming cold season…

To be fair to me…I also rebuilt the wall AROUND the window…completely, moved another door, added French doors, hot water heater, foundation repairs, insulation, AND roof repairs…

Of course…none of that is 100% done either.

All because it was time to fix the cracked window panes.

Only 44 more to go.

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