My sister’s SO drives a truck for a scrap yard. Thanks to him I scored a 10-foot stainless steel prep table and food sink…AND a hand-washing sink…complete with faucets and drains…all for $236…it was headed to be scrunched and bailed and sold as raw metal.

New it would cost me 10 times that. Used from an equipment dealer would have been $800-$1000.

It’s in perfect condition. No dents, no scratches. A few minutes with some BonAmi and a scrubbie and it will look like new.

This has a place in our commercial building. This is how we are trying to equip our upcoming business. Cash, no debt. Good equipment. There will be expensive things needed, but when I can save a couple thousand bucks on a prep table…well, that puts us that much more ahead.

It’s a start.

Daniel Meyer

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