To sleep, perchance to dream…

We (kind of, sort of) took this weekend off.

Several things conspired. Lots of work at…well…work, not enough sleep (due to same), and also we got the wife’s car back from the body shop. All the extra running around simply added up to the fact that we weren’t ready to go Friday night or Saturday morning.

Then, as we were getting ready to go I got the call…one of the newspapers I help support had lost power. Work again.

Oh, and then there was the 100+ degree forecast for the weekend…

All this said, “Take the weekend off! Sleep late!”

Sleep late…a luxury I seldom indulge. Sounded really good to me.

To sleep, perchance to dream, ay…there’s the rub.

That’s Shakespeare, in case you didn’t recognize it.

So what did I dream of? Scraping paint. Broken paint sprayers, a yard I need to mow, and a mammoth pile of tree limbs I need to cut up. I haven’t worked that hard in months!

Sleeping late is exhausting work. I think I woke up sore!

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