Guys. Tools. The left-handed fargle-snorker.

Most of us that have aged beyond our second decade realize something about guys.

They’re guys.

Single minded. Determined. Sweaty. Messy. Passionate. We LIKE blowing stuff up.

Pretty simple creatures. Our lives revolve around just a few things.

1) What’s for breakfast?
2) When can I get laid?
3) (hands shaking) Is there something around here I can friggen FIX? (even if I have to break it first).

The first two are pretty self-explanatory and are closer akin to natural laws or universal constants than particular behaviors…

Yeah, society spent the first 12 years of my education trying to convince me otherwise but it’s like arguing against gravity. We are what we are.

The third one though…it’s actually a little more complicated than that. We are builders. Doers. We’ve just gotta have some project to work on. Delving a little deeper though turns up something interesting.


Yep. Tools.

We get tools so we can do stuff, right?

Heh…yeah. That’s it.

Actually, I think we do stuff so we can get tools.

We LUST after the left-handed fargle-snorker they just came out with. IF ONLY I needed one.

(peers around hopefully)

OOooo! Look! A project! Why, now, durn it, I NEED a left-handed fargle-snorker and am perfectly justified in going out and getting one.

Yep. (scratches self inappropriately).

Meet my new left-handed fargle-snorker:

The elusive left-handed fargle-snorker.

The elusive left-handed fargle-snorker.

Needed it to work on this project:

Ooooo. Tall.

Ooooo. Tall.

And this one:

Slightly less, but still tall.

Slightly less, but still tall.

Now. (burp). Breakfast was good.

When can I get laid?

Daniel Meyer

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