Last minute shopping?

Those of you following along probably realize by now that I need to purchase about 2.3 million dollars worth of stuff from Home Depot for the Old Vic project…

Heh…and THAT’S just for the stuff I need to finish this year!

You also may recall I’m an author.

Life is a Road, The Soul is a MotorcycleLife is a Road, Get On it and Ride!Life is a Road, Ride it HardLife is a Road, It's About the RideLife is a Road, Volume One

Want to help me help support the booming home improvement business all while finishing up your last minute Christmas shopping?

Life Is a Road books make an excellent Christmas present for the adventurer in your life. Especially autographed sets!

Get that last minute shopping done now! And hey, they’re made, written, and printed in the USA!

You can order the books anywhere ( but the autographed ones you can only get from me.

If you want them by Christmas, with standard shipping you must order before noon on Monday, December 14. If you upgrade to Priority mail you can order as late as noon, Wednesday, December 16.

Later than that will not ship till Monday the 21st and those will not reach you by Christmas.

You can order directly from me at this link.

I hope y’all have a Happy and safe (or at least fun!) Christmas.

Daniel Meyer

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