If the shoe fits…

Here I sit…in the office…wearing a dress-shirt, dress-slacks, and sneakers.

Yep. Sneakers.

Heh…usually it’s motorcycle boots…but at least they meet the dresscode.

Why the sneakers? Well, it’s about a nail, a wasp, and a prybar. It was swell, but the swelling’s gone down.

I had a rather large pile of used/salvage lumber…these are boards taken out of the house as we remove old, added parts to reconfigure those parts for our use. Principally, the utility room.

Last weekend when we got to the house, we found that the pile of lumber had been blown over.

I figured if I have to restack it anyway, it was time to pull the nails and get rid of the usless stuff (split/cracked/too short to use/etc), so I set to work.

Grab a board out of the scattered pile, pull all the nails, restack it with similiar material (to make it easy to find/use as we reassemble the area), wipe the sweat out of my eyes, and start again.

After a couple hours of this, I picked up a board and somehow managed to annoy the crud out of a red wasp that was hanging about.

He buzzed me. I stepped back. . .right onto a board with a nail sticking up of course.

Ouch. Damn. Right in the front of my foot, about a half-inch behind the toes, right between the pads. Yeesh. At least it didn’t come out of the top of my foot (this time).

So, there I sit, on the porch stairs, trying desperately to pry a board off my foot with a Stanley Wonderbar (they really do work wonders), cursing, and warily eyeing the red wasp buzzing around my head.

Monday I wore my boots to work. Big mistake. The front of my foot had swollen and the boots just made it worse (and hurt like hell).

From Tuesday on I wore the sneakers…the grubby, comfortable, working-on-the-house sneakers…you know the ones.

Ahhh. Finally, today, the swelling is gone.

That’s a good thing. The weekend is nearly here…and I like to get one injury out of the way before I acquire another…

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