Reality Check…

My company has announced some extremely severe cutbacks despite the fact that we are profitable. Wall Street demands more. Gotta pay out those executive bonuses afterall.

Anyway, shortly they are going to lay off somewhere upwards of 500 workers…that’s an extremely healthy percentage of our remaining workforce.

In addition, for any remaining behind they’ve reneged on our retirement benefits…essentially “pulling out” alltogther and ending their participation. They’ve also said “no raises” for the rank-and-file and are now viewing employees as a revenue source by charging us for parking and giving us the privilage of paying for communications devices/plans they require us to carry.

Goes to show you just what over 24 years of loyal service will get you…

I’ll leave my feelings out of this at the moment. What I have to do is understand and prepare for the impact of these events on my and my wife’s lives.

Even IF I survive the coming round of cuts…


Anyway, we’ve decided that now is a good time to accumulate a bunch of cash. We are drastically cutting our budgets for anything we can, including the work on the Old Vic.

How will this effect the house project?

Well, simple. We will continue to enjoy our house, and our project focus will shift to the more labor/time intensive projects that don’t need a lot of money spent on materials. Clean up, chimney removal, foundation work, windows…all of those need done and don’t cost a lot as we are doing the labor.

The utility room…which was next up on the list, will be postponed for now. Cabinets, plumbing, and appliances are on the “spendy” list.

We’ll keep you posted.

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