Dewalt Sawzall

This is a Dewalt Sawzall…and when you feel the need to break one of these out, you are probably dreading the amount of work that is to come. Actually though, this thing makes any sort of difficult cutting challenge remarkably easy.

As of today (12/14/08) I don’t own one of these (hint: Christmas is coming!) but I had the occasion to use my friend Mike’s while installing my electric service equipment. With the 4 position blade (hold the tool as needed and cut in any direction basically) it is very effective at cutting hard to get at stuff.


No…no. Not MUST. Will.

Cutting into the roof to get the electrical riser through, I of course, found another roof to get through. Gad. This saw made the difficult to get at cut take about two minutes.

Highly recommend this for the old house worker-on-er. I’ll have one shortly…this particular brand as well. I’ve had several other tools by this maker and you cannot ever go wrong with Dewalt tools as far as quality goes.

The Dewalt Sawzall

The Dewalt Sawzall

I purchased one of these kits for about $75 on the re-manufactured market with a full warranty. It is outstanding and extremely useful. Another “must have.”

Dewalt makes good stuff.

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