Big Iron

Yes, I am a Texan. I have the requisite “big-ass pick-em-up-truck”. Frankly I’m not sure how anybody gets by without one, but for a project like this you really need one. This is Big Iron, the 450 horsepower, V-10 powered, 3/4 ton, 4×4 Dodge Truck. I grabbed her low mileage/used/cash sale a couple years back after my previous truck got taken out at a red light by a sneaky little blue Chevy thingy.

Ya really gotta watch those sneaky little blue Chevy thingys.

As you will no doubt see in other pictures scattered about the site, she has aged a bit since these were taken (when I bought her)…as all American cars seem to, her paint is now peeling, but she has served me well and should continue to for the duration of this project at least.

While a truck is absolutely essential for a project like this, you may not need the massive 450 horsepower V-10 (8.0 liters!), the four-wheel drive, or the club cab…I’ve just always gone by the principle that if I have to drive a cage (motorcyclist’s slang for a car or truck), it may as well be a fun one!

Advantage Disadvantage
Can haul absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime. Friends and family will call you to haul absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime.
Large used trucks are less expensive then their small counterparts. Gets poor gas mileage
With 450 horsepower, when you stomp on the gas it GOES. State Troopers patrol the highways.

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