Reach. Grasp. Fall?

Must my reach always exceed my grasp? Must my dreams always push me beyond my current capabilities? Financial, equipment, time, market, employment…always, something is just not quite there.

Yeah, a dream is available. Yep, I could probably swing it for the purchase. It’s a small, friendlier town…off the mains…the perfect place to carry out my writing and artistic career.

But I can’t retire from work yet…even though I can’t depend on the income anymore…I really should not make decisions based on the income/stability of that job, even though I am good at what I do and have been there…gad…23 years now. See, they are trying to lay off about 500 of us.

My writing career is not yet paying the bills, the soft real-estate market means the home we are in now wouldn’t sell at a premium. The commute would be prohibitive.

But how often does a dream come up for sale?

Pretty much my dream house.

Pretty much my dream house.

(110+ year old, 2 story Victorian, 5 bedrooms, formal dining, library, rich wood, glass, pocket doors etc)

I can reach it. I may even grasp it. But I’ve been at the bottom…I know how far it is to fall. I don’t want to be there. But am I overcautious? Is my comfort or safety consuming a dream?

Don’t suppose I can get y’all to buy a few thousand books or so? Perhaps a couple hundred art prints?

Daniel Meyer

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